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Sabino Recovery Integrative Health and Wellness will be a behavioral health facility, which is owned by the company Sabino Recovery, LLC. The property and the facilities are located at 8505 East Ocotillo Drive, Tucson AZ 85750. The previous business operated at the property was The Fenster School of Southern Arizona. Sabino Recovery Integrative Health and Wellness’s mission is to provide nurturing, empathy, and compassion for those who need nurturing, empathy, and compassion to heal.

On February 20th Nancy Jarrell O’Donnell M.A., L.P.C. C.S.A.T.,  closed her private psychotherapy practice called Integrative Psychotherapy and Wellness PC. It was with mixed emotions as she is happy to be moving on to open a new residential behavioral health facility, but sad to transition and say goodbye to many of her clients. The facility will be owned and operated by Nancy Jarrell O’Donnell and her husband, Jack O’ Donnell. They have two additional partners Thomas Isbel and Pat Manley who are also directors and founders. The facility will be in Tucson and named Sabino Recovery. It is an integrative health and wellness facility. Sabino Recovery will be opening in August of 2015 at the location known as The Fenster School. Sabino Recovery will primarily treat core issues such as trauma, grief, and attachment failure. They will also treat symptoms such as depression, anxiety, addictions, co-dependency, stress and more. Sabino Recovery is NOT a substance abuse rehabilitation center, although with the correct admissions criteria we will treat those of our clients with chemical dependency. This is stressed because both on television and in the newspaper it has been called “a substance abuse rehab.” The program will be structured differently from other treatment facilities and provide services with a new approach. As the program develops, there will be updates on the details.