Nancy Jarrell O’Donnell M.A., L.P.C., E.A.P., C.S.A.T.  began her career in the field of IMG_0293counseling/psychology approximately 20 years ago, as a result of her own recovery. Much of what she treats she has struggled with herself.  She is educated in Neuroscience and therefore can help clients gain insight into their problematic behaviors and/or relationships from a variety of perspectives.  She describes her self as a NEUROPSYCHOTHERAPIST based in Tucson,Arizona.  She understands how our childhood experiences shape our brains and uses this knowledge to better serve her clients  She provides education on Attachment and the human brain.  She sees her role as a therapist at times as a kind of reparenting for those who have experienced insecure attachment schemas resulting from early childhood trauma.  Her approach is gentle, kind, and compassionate.  She is always focused on a solution so that every client leaves her office with a new understanding of their problem and how to proceed. She intuitively follows the needs of the client and will engage in any style of therapy best suited for the individual as she understands that not everyone wants to have “talk therapy”.  She is versed in a multitude of therapeutic styles that include experiential work, empty chair work, role playing, art therapy, written exercises, guided imagery, meditation, CBT, DBT, EMDR, Imago Therapy Principles, equine therapy and more. For more information on different services provided and definitions please click on the SERVICES tab

Nancy worked as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor in private practice for four years before gaining employment at Sierra Tucson Hospital; an acute care psychiatric facility that specializes in the treatment of chemical dependency, eating disorders, mood disorders, sexual addiction, partners of sex addicts, abuse, trauma, PTSD, chronic pain, and other mental health issues.  Nancy trained under Patrick Carnes receiving her certification in sexual addiction training. She also specializes in couple’s therapy, as well as trauma, mood disorders, and other addictions.

For the next 15 years Nancy worked in the Clinical Program Department at Sierra Tucson as a family therapist, primary therapist, equine assisted psychotherapist, grief/spiritual therapist and conducted individual sessions, family groups, patient groups, couples therapy and was known for her versatility and ability to float into any program and work with all disorders. Nancy also co facilitated adventure therapy groups to include challenge course and climbing wall groups

Over the years, Nancy was promoted into management running Sierra Tucson’s Equine Assisted Therapy Program, the Therapeutic Recreational and Activity Program, and The Evening/Weekend Program.  Nancy was then promoted to the Assistant Clinical Director position and then ultimately Clinical Director.

Early in her employment at Sierra Tucson, Nancy discovered her passion for program development after being selected to develop a new model of family therapy specifically designed for those who suffered from childhood trauma, adult trauma, and/or sexual addiction.  For four years Nancy worked with this population conducting patient and family groups, couple’s disclosure groups, equine assisted psychotherapy, and psychoeducation regarding the cycle of addiction, abuse, PTSD, and sexual compulsivity. Nancy is certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Sexual Addiction and Trauma, and has extensive training as an addiction therapist, mood disorders, attachment disorders, neuroscience, depression, anxiety, and traumatic grief.

Nancy also helped develop Sierra Tucson’s program for Mood and Anxiety Disorders.  She developed an Extended Family Program for people who did not have a patient in treatment.  She also developed their Progression’s Program, which was designed for alumni, patients who were not yet ready to discharge, and people with some prior treatment experience who were looking for a shorter duration.  She later added a sub program to Progressions titled EMDR Intensives.

She facilitated Equine Therapy experiences for visiting clinicians, and co facilitated workshops at Miraval Resort. Nancy attended multiple national events wherein she spoke on behalf of Sierra Tucson for marketing purposes. Nancy has also presented at national and international conferences on trauma, grief, addiction, and equine assisted psychotherapy.  Nancy has also published articles in Sierra Tucson’s Progress Newsletter, Counselor Magazine, and Addiction Professional Magazine.


In 2006 Nancy developed and became President of The Lacey Jarrell Foundation, 501 3c non profit dedicated to providing educational scholarships and counseling for artistic youth ages 13 – 21.  This organization was developed in memory of her daughter Lacey Jane, who died in a car accident at the age of 16 in July, 2006.


The Lacey Jarrell Foundation Website

Following this tragedy and time off, Nancy was ultimately promoted to the Clinical Director position at Sierra Tucson.  For the next five years Nancy provided clinical supervision to 60 therapists and developed presentations on the latest research regarding addictions, trauma, and grief.  She trained staff in grief work, couple’s therapy, and continued program development to stay current with neuroscience and the biology of addiction.

Nancy resigned as Clinical Director of Sierra Tucson in April of 2011 to follow her passion for working directly with clients utilizing psychotherapy.  She currently has a private practice in Tucson called Integrative Psychotherapy and Wellness.  Here she provides individual, couples, group, and family therapy.  She works with individuals starting at age 14.  She also facilitates equine assisted psychotherapy with her clients.

Nancy is married to Jack O’Donnell and they have three children.  Nancy’s other passions include riding horses, hiking, travel, yoga and writing poetry.  She also carries an enormous amount of passion for her work as a Licensed Professional Counselor.