Integrative Psychotherapy and Wellness is a small privately owned business that is devoted to the provision of professional and compassionate care for those who suffer from:

  • alcohol and/or drug addiction,
  • mood disorders,IMG_0057
  • sexual addiction (SA)
  • partners of sex addicts (COSA),
  • trauma,
  • grief,
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),
  • relationship addiction,
  • dependency issues,
  • couple’s problems,
  • intimacy disorders
  • parents who have lost children,
  • and other mental health issues.  

Nancy Jarrell O’Donnell M.A., L.P.C., C.S.A.T. is:

  • a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT)
  • a Trauma and Complex PTSD Therapist 
  • EMDR Trained
  • Experienced in Relational Trauma

The founder and owner, Nancy Jarrell O’Donnell M.A., L.P.C.,EAP, CSAT,  believes that we all have our stories of life which include times of pain and suffering, and times of joy and contentment.  When the Universe is pelleting us with pain this is the time that Nancy and her team of clinicians can help those struggling.  Nancy and her team believe in the following quote:

“You are going to find a star to light your path”  - A Course In Miracles

Meaning that there is hope and healing for all if we can take that first and heaviest step and ask for help. “I have witnessed miracles in marriage counseling.  I have felt the eventual gratitude watching another work through loss in grief therapy.  I have also seen the pain diminish when sex addiction is no longer controlling one’s life. I have never worked with a ‘bad person’, only good people with a bad disease or problem.  It is a gift to be a part of someone’s therapy and healing.”- Nancy Jarrell O’Donnell.

Sometimes when we are hurting the most is the time we try the hardest to fix things ourselves.  After all, we are strong and should be able to manage our problems alone. Unfortunately many of us, myself included, find out the hard way that we can’t do it all alone.  Suffering is part of the human condition; and fortunately there are others out there who have been through it and as a result help us transcend those times we are in deep pain.  The compassionate care and wisdom of the Professional Counselors at Integrative Psychotherapy & Wellness can walk you through this pain.

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To set up an appointment with Nancy Jarrell O’Donnell M.A., L.P.C., C.S.A.T., please call Rozalynn Jedinak, Clinical Assistant, at the office.  (520) 576-3575

Skype and Phone appointments are also available for those in other states or countries.

Accepted Forms of Insurance: Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance, TriCare Network Provider, UnitedHealthCare, and Health Net.

Forms of Payment: Cash, personal checks, and debit or credit cards including: Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, and HSA Cards.